Community Leaders Wanted…

21st CCLC Sports Position OpeningsThe Manto Sports Group and PT Transformations, along with their community-support arm, the United Way of Bucks County are looking for a few energetic people who are willing to help out on a community project.

If you are an experienced coach or collegiate athlete, then we have openings for you to put your skills and your positive attitude to work.  For more information, contact Shea Cialella at 215-566-2300 or E-mail Shea here.


Manto Sports Group, United Way Team Up Again for Summer Youth Sports Program

The Manto Sports Group is once again partnering with the United Way of Bucks County to conduct the Bristol Borough Youth Sports Camp throughout the month of August. Starting on August 6th, sports leaders from throughout the Delaware Valley will conduct workshops in various disciplines for as many as 110 young athletes in Bristol Borough.

From Frisbee to Football, Golf to Nutrition, Baseball to Soccer, and Lacrosse to Sports Performance, the Manto Sports Group will rally it’s sports partners to provide great training and diversity for the kids of Bristol Borough to learn, not just athletic skills, but life skills like discipline, fortitude, and nutritional guidance. PT Transformations, under the leadership of Patrick W. Mulhern and Shea Cialella have also played a major role in coordinating and administrating much of the scheduling and programming that the kids of Bristol Borough will be enjoying during their four-week camp experience.

In addition to the summer youth camp, Bristol Borough will also be celebrating the Festival of Lights, as well as a movie for the kids on Friday, August 10th. For more information about the Bristol Borough Summer Camp, as well as all the other community activities going on in August, please review the promotional materials found below.

2012 Brisol Borough Summer Sports Camp Flyer

PT Transformations’ Program Highlight page features the eight (8) August sports clinics,  facilitated by Manto Sports Group, thanks to a grant from the 21st Century Community Learning Center and United Way.


Manto Sports Group to Launch “Everyone Plays” Campaign


This had to be an unintended consequence. Parents who were just trying to do the right thing for their kids by getting more “organized” sports into their communities. It has meant more travel teams, greater competition, and increased pride in our communities. But there has also emerged an underbelly to the youth sports movement. Which is unfortunate, because, after all, we are just doing for the kids.

But as the youth sports movement continues to evolve (or devolve, depending upon your point of view), the fact of the matter is that the costs for families who want to participate are escalating at an unprecedented rate. Hockey families will tell you first hand that “ice time” costs were almost incomprehensible AND that they were often forced to take their kids to practice at 10:00 pm! Many of us brushed it off, since hockey seemed to almost be a privileged sport with equipment costs that were through the roof.

For NCAA, Pay-for-Play May Further Stratify Programs


For many of the closest observers of collegiate athletics, the hypocrisy of the NCAA’s new proposal that would grant student-athletes an extra $2000 a year in additional financial aid, while universities rake in billions and coaches pocket $10s of millions, reveals just how unbalanced the “amateur” sports industry really is.

Industry? Yea…industry! We just read about Urban Meyer signing on with Ohio State football for nearly $7 million a year, while the Big Ten Network’s Web site is adorned with advertising from Dr. Pepper and Buick. All this while a year ago, Ohio State’s star quarterback was sanctioned by the NCAA for selling his Rose Bowl ring and getting discounted tattoos. The irony here is that it was Pryor’s prowess on the field that drove fans to the stadiums, Web sites, and television to drink those sodas, purchase those vehicles, and, most importantly, donate to the alumni funds of these land-grant institutions. Imagine if Pryor was allowed to stay, what the television ratings (advertising rates) would have been.

United Way Names Jeff Manto Person of the Year


The United Way of Bucks County has named Jeff Manto, Principal of the Manto Sports Group, their “Person of the Year.”

Jeff’s tireless work in the community with kids, especially those who are at risk, has helped him garner this recognition.  Though humble in nature, Manto’s commitment to the youth of Bristol, Pennsylvania has resulted in a year-round program that focuses primarily on sports and character development.

Manto will receive his award on Saturday, November 19, 2011 during the inaugural Bristol Fall Classic at Island View Crossing, Lenox Headquarters, 1414 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, Pennsylvania from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The public is invited to attend.  For more information, you can read the article recently published in the Bucks County Courier-Times.


Manto A “Hit” with White Sox


Bristol, Pennsylvania native, Jeff Manto as promoted to the position of Hitting Coach with the Chicago White Sox on Monday, November 1st during a press conference from this home office.  In charge of minor league hitting for the last four seasons, Manto will join newly name White Sox Manager, Robin Ventura, on a staff that also include another Brisol native, Joe McEwing, who will be manning the third-base coaches box throughout the 2012 season.

For more information about Manto’s reaction to his new position, as well as his approach with the potent White Sox lineup, you can visit the following news articles…

New Sox hitting coach Manto prioritizes communication, approach (Chicago Tribune)

Jeff Manto has plan for struggling Sox (




Lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs left, not only a legacy of technology, but some valuable lessons derived from his experience as well.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, many are now reflecting on the true impact this man has made on all our lives. There are many who compare him to Edison and Ford, as the great inventor of our time, and yet it all seems shallow when you consider the guideposts by which Mr. Jobs guided his life.

The iPhone and iPad will continue to be upgraded, tweaked, and adapted to fit the demands of the loyal Apple customers out there, but Steve Jobs offered lasting and universal philosophies on life that will remain unfettered regardless of where technology takes us.

Here is Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement Speech from Stanford University, where he shares just three, but profound stories of his life. The entire key to all this is that his caste in life occurred as a consequence of his brilliance, but also because of the circumstances around himself.

Motivating Our Youth

There is simply no denying it…kids today are light-years ahead of where we adults were in almost every facet of their lives…intellect, street-smarts, social graces. You name it.

But one thing that has remained fairly constant from generation to generation is HOW we are motivated. PLEASE NOTE…I’m not saying “What” motivates us, but “How” we are motivated.

At the Manto Sports Group, we still believe in today’s youth, primarily because of this simple reality…there are plenty of ways to help motivate our youth and to help them “get to the next level.”

For a great primer on the fundamentals of motivation, we offer you THIS ARTICLE FOR REVIEW.

And if you would like to find out more about how Manto Sports Group can affect your kids in a positive manner, then just send us an email at or call 215-788-9358.


Hit With the Pros

The Manto Sports Group, in cooperation with The Commonwealth National Golf Club, is pleased to present the Second Annual Hit with the Pros charity golf event to benefit the Crohn’s Coilitis Foundation and the Major League Baseball Alumni Association.

On Monday, October 17th, Tournament Director Robert Kleckner and Event Organizer Jeff Manto will host an impressive field of regional business leaders, philanthropists, and Major League Baseball Alums, as they spend the day at Commonwealth National playing, eating, and socializing for two great causes.

You can download the Hit With the Pros Tournament Information Package Here
The 2011 Hit With the Pros Registration Form (8-3-11_Registration_Form_)
The 2011 Hit With the Pros Sponsorship Levels (8-3-11_Sponsorship_levels_)
The 2011 Hit With the Pros Sponsorship Letter (8-3-11 Form)
The 2011 Hit With the Pros Major League Alumni Attending List (2011 PHILADELPHIA MLBPAA)

or contact Robert Kleckner at 2545 Crestline Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446 | Phone (215) 778-4890 Fax (610) 495-7421 | for more information.



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